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In this guide, you'll learn exactly what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is, how you can find out exactly what your customers are searching for online, and get ideas for how you can get your business to that coveted top spot in search results. Following these tips can help you bring more potential customers through to your website where you can then convince them to buy.

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Search engine optimisation tips

This free guide will give you all the knowledge you need to optimise your website to make sure customers are finding your website when they search online. You'll find out about:

  • What keywords are and how you can use them in your content
  • The difference between on page and off page SEO
  • How you can use other site on the web to improve your SEO
  • ...and much more

Don't wait, download your free search engine optimisation tips now so you can start making small changes to bring more people to your website.

What will the guide help me with?

What does SEO actually mean?

We'll help you understand what search engine optimisation actually is, and show you why you need to use it for your business website.

What keywords are

Keywords are the exact phrases your customers use when searching online. We'll show you how to find them and where to use them.  

How social media can help

You know that social media is great for engaging with your customers, but did you know it's also really important for SEO? 


On page SEO

We'll let you know what you can do on your website pages to optimise your content to make sure customers are finding you online. 

Off page SEO

Once you know what to do on your website to optimise, we'll help you understand what else you can do online to get noticed. 

Building your "back links"

People always talk about the importance of back links and SEO. We'll show you why they're useful and how you can get them for your business.