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Download this eBook to find out how to make the most of advertising on social media. You can learn about the different ways  you can advertise, which ads work best on which sites and how to work out which will be best for your business.


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The Business Owner's guide to Social Media Advertising

In this guide, you'll get instant information about all the things you can consider when starting your social media marketing.

You'll get clued up on:

  • What all the fuss is actually about when it comes to social media ads
  • How to choose which of the platforms are right for you
  • Creating your advert
  • ...and much more

Download the eBook now to unlock the secrets to successful social media advertising.  

What will the eBook help me with?

Digital vs traditional advertising

Which is best? This eBook takes you through the difference between the two and helps you find a balance between the two.

Crafting your adverts

You need to actually design the adverts you're sending out, or hire someone to create them for you. This eBook can give you advice for writing your adverts and some top tips for making them engaging.  

Setting your budget

Each advert you place on social media will cost something, but how much will depend on your audience and the length of your ad. 


Figure out which platform is right for you

There are so many different types of social media that you can use to reach your customers, figuring out which one could be best poses a challenge. This eBook can help you find out where you are most likely to see advertising success.

How to select your audience

Social media advertsing works best when you have a specific audience to target it at. Not all your customers are likely to respond to all your products or services, so it doesn't make sense to send your adverts to everyone all the time. This eBook will help you pick who to target and how to send your adverts just at them.