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Download this eBook to learn how to find finance for your business. Whether you're considering applying for grants or loans, this guide points you towards the different funding opportunities that you can chase to secure the money to help your business grow.


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The Business Owner's Guide to Local Funding

In this guide, you'll be given lots of links to possible funding opportunites for you to apply for to help fund your next big business project.

Learn about:

  • Grant funding opportunities
  • The conditions which often apply when spending grant funding
  • Where to apply for loans

Apply for funding now to extend your budget for your new project and give it the best chance of success.

What can you learn from our eBook?

What makes a grant different

There are often other conditions you'll have to use it for; such as taking on staff or make an improvement to your local community.

What different grant opportunities there are for small businesses

Often, local councils and governing bodies provide grants for the businesses in their local area.  

Business specific grants

Small businesses can often be eligable for grants based on where they are in their life-cycle. You could look for start-up grants, business expansion grants or skills development grants, for example.


How loans can help you

Loans are the more traditional way of securing business finance. Find out in the guide how to secure loans from places other than highstreet lenders.

Start-up loans

Loans for business start-ups stand out from other types of business loan. Find out where you can go to apply for a loan to help you get your business off the ground.

Business specific loans

There are loans tailored to where your business is on its life-cycle. For example, there are loans for businesses looking to increase economic growth.