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It can be tricky knowing what size your images need to be when posting on social media. Each social site has its own specification for what sizes images need to be for them to look great, so we've created a handy guide that you can refer to before you post.


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Get your How's Business social media image cheat sheet

By downloading the social media image cheat sheet, you'll be able to quickly find out what sizes your images need to be to look great on a number of popular social media sites.

What will the eBook help me with?


Size your images right for promoting your business on Facebook with this guide.


Make sure customers notice your pins and interact with your buisness.  


Share images and engage with other business owners and potential customers. 



Make your tweets stand out with great photography. 


Find new people to connect with by drawing them in with a great image. 


Instagram can be a great way of making online sales - as long as your images attract customers.