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Download your free guide to creating a brand to find out all the ins and outs of developing a recognisable image for your business. Having a strong brand that your customers can call to mind can have a massive impact on whether or not they become repeat customers. Don't miss out on these free tips written by branding experts.

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Creating and managing your brand

This free guide will help you understand the key steps to building a brand that your customers can easily recognise and identify with your business. You'll find out about:

  • What you need to know about your logo
  • How you can develop your voice and values
  • Tips for increasing brand recognition
  • ...and much more

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What will the guide help me with?

What questions to ask yourself

When building your brand there are certain questions you need to ask about your business, and we let you know what they are.

Developing business values

At the heart of all the best brands are strong business values. We can help you identify what these are for your business.  

Branded packaging tips

Your brand has to be used in every single part of your business. Following these tips can help you make sure your packaging reflects your brand. 


Developing and using your logo

We'll let you know how you can develop and use your logo to make sure your customers start to identify it with your brand. 

Increasing brand recognition

Once you've developed your brand, you'll need to encourage your customers to associate it with your business. Our tips make it simple.

Our 8 branding top tips

We round off with a summary of our 8 top tips that you can follow when creating and managing a successful brand.