Don't get caught out by Brexit

We know that the B word is on everyone's lips right now, and although we can't tell you what the impact of Brexit is going to be on your business, we can give you some tools to make it easier to plan for the future. This toolkit that has been put together by our friends at the Local Enterprise Partnership and Calderdale College, will help you by:

  • Highlighting major themes which may be relevant to your business, irrespective of the outcomes from the Brexit negotiations;
  • Posing questions for you to ask within your business and in relation to your target markets and suppliers, so you can consider the opportunities and risks that Brexit may present;
  • Helping you to identify and prioritise actions to take ahead of Brexit, as well as longer term considerations for your business once the UK has left the European Union;

So don't get caught out by Brexit, fill in the form to the left to get access to the latest information and best practice surrounding Brexit.